Nicky Poole

889 Yonge Yoga Community Leader

Welcome to our 889 Community!

I am thrilled our paths have crossed.  I would like to welcome you to our thriving wellness and yoga community.

At 889, we inspire happy, healthy lives from the inside out.  It is our belief that each of us are responsible for our own healing from within. This is why our team at 889 is here to provide you with all the tools you need to enjoy a personal journey of self transformation. We also believe in the power and beauty of ‘community’ and look forward to holding the space for you to develop meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in our community.

As the 889 Yoga Community Leader, it is my pleasure to share yoga alongside a team of talented, inspired and unique teachers.  Our class offerings are diverse, innovative and welcoming to people of all levels of yoga experience.

It is my intention to help guide you on your yoga journey.  Should you need anything whatsoever, I am here to offer you my support and guidance.  Our community provides a friendly, healing atmosphere for yoga practice and healing therapies in a gorgeous toxic-free environment and our Members enjoy many perks throughout! I encourage you to join while we are still accepting new Members – joining our community is no doubt the best way to get the most out of your 889 experience and growth.

I encourage you to dive into our community! Tune into our our monthly 889 e-newsletter ‘Surya – Your Sunday Morning Sunshine!’ and follow our resident 889 experts on our blog at This is an incredible way to learn and to be inspired on your transformative wellness journey outside of our physical home.

Welcome!  I look forward connecting with you.

Warmest Wishes

Nicky Poole

Yoga Community Leader

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