What Is It?

Anancient healing art, Thai Yoga Massage is a bodywork therapy that originated in India 2500 years ago and developed through Asia to Thailand where it is still widely practiced today.

This unique healing art moves the recipient through a series of yoga poses and stretches accompanied by breathing instructions given by the therapist. This practice follows Yogic and Ayurvedic principles that focus on releasing toxins and tension while clearing blocks in the energy system of the body, or Prana Nadis.

The therapist rhythmically palms and thumbs gently applying firm pressure along the 10 main energy lines to free the flow of Prana(breath or life force).

The goal of Thai Yoga Massage is to increase the energy flow within the body which supports the body’s natural healing process, thereby promoting good health. The recipient leaves feeling lighter, clearer and more flexible. Body awareness increases, aiding in understanding the body’s needs in order to regain balance. It is in a balanced state that we are able to fight off illness and aging best.

Top 10 Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

  1. Stress Relief: Boost the immune system and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and tension.
  2. Pain Relief: Loosen up the blocks in the energy system that create tension and facilitate the flow of Prana (life force)to heal and ease pain.
  3. Rejuvenation: Our bodies store memories in the cells. Receiving massage helps rid the body of any lingering negative energy and lets the new energy in. You can bet you’ll feel better after that!
  4. Increased Flexibility: The Yoga postures and deep stretches in Thai Yoga Massage help to increase range of motion in the joints, and loosen and elongate stiff muscles.
  5. Better Breathing and Improved Circulation: Breathing more deeply means more oxygen. Oxygen is the elixir of life providing your cells with more nourishment and increased vitality.
  6. Metta Time – Meditation: Thai Yoga Massage affords every opportunity to turn inward and shut the mind off, allowing deep meditation. Metta is loving-kindness in action. Be good to yourself and you will do the world good!
  7. Pranic Healing: The energy work in Thai Yoga Massage clears unwanted blocks in your pranic flow allowing precious life force in and through all of you. Health and radiant joy is the result!
  8. Comfort: Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed and is a very non-intrusive type of bodywork. The mind can stay peaceful with no concerns about who might be seeing what!
  9. Increased Awareness: The vital connection between body and mind can be found during this treatment and you naturally become more present. Being ‘in the now’ increases self-awareness and allows you to discover your needs for health.
  10. You Deserve It! A peaceful body and mind equals a joyous life!

What to expect

It is recommended that you eat a few hours prior to the appointment as it is best to receive this massage on a fairly empty stomach.

If you are coming to the studio please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. I like to learn a bit about you before we begin and you may have some questions as well.

It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing (or yoga gear) and be sure to bring socks and a sweater or sweatshirt. The body temperature drops considerably during the massage.

$90, 60 minutes. Must be booked by phone with Concierge.