All of our massage treatments are performed by Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) and we provide insurance receipts for your submission for all massage treatments. Enjoy only the finest hand-selected organic essential oils as part of your treatment.

The Jet Lag Reliever 

Recover your stressed body and mind from exhaustion and jet-lag. This invigorating treatment will leave you feeling grounded and reconnected. Heated traditional thai stems are used in this Signature Massage treatment activated by our “Jet-lagged” blend of peppermint, Lavender, and Sandalwood. Say good-bye to Jet Lag as you relax into this 75 minute massage, exclusive to 889 at the Thompson Hotel. 75 minutes, $135, 75 minutes ($121.50 Members)

The Custom

Unwind. The Custom Massage is designed to give you the most individualized massage therapy treatment available. This can include relaxation or deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, and stretching, always focusing on your body’s needs. Our therapists will provide you with a truly personalized experienced that will stay with you long after your treatment. Feel honoured. $98, 60 minutes ($88 for 889 Members) / $144, 90 minutes ($130 for 889 Members)

The 889 Detox

Detoxify. Our signature massage treatment naturally facilitates the detoxification of the organ systems that are affected by toxins and stress. Massage techniques focuses on lymphatic drainage and muscle relaxation to stimulate circulation, digestion, and the release of toxicity. Our custom blend of essential oils along with a therapeutic head and neck massage will restore your energy and lift your spirits. Feel renewed. $118, 75 minutes ($107 for 889 Members)

30 Minute Massage

Treat yourself to some deep tension relief. Enjoy this treatment on its own or as a therapeutic compliment to another spa treatment. $52, 30 minutes ($46 for 889 Members)

The Rock

Reconnect. Feel the heat of smooth Basalt stones radiating warmth into tense and tired muscles while increasing circulation to initiate deeper relaxation. The stones are used in combination with fine organic essential oils and a therapeutic massage to soothe your body and calm your soul. Feel warm and grounded. $108, 60 minutes ($97 for 889 Members) / $155, 90 minutes ($139 for 889 Members)

The Pea in the Pod

Rejoice! This comforting, full-body massage is carefully designed especially for expectant mothers. Customized for you and your changing body, this treatment focuses on alleviating fatigue and increasing circulation while reducing swelling, pain, and tension. Let us do the work while you take the time to relax and nurture your body. Second and third trimester only. Feel happy and proud. $98, 60 minutes ($88 for 889 Members) / $144, 90 minutes ($130 for 889 Members)

Organic Bliss exclusive to our Yonge Street Spa!

Imagine being lathered with organic coconut oil and your choice of organic essential oils, massaged, wrapped up in hot foot wraps, enveloped in a full body heat wrap to then enjoy a head, neck and scalp massage. It’s divine. 60 min / $115 ($103.5 for 889 Members)

Note: should you prefer to use regular massage oil in this treatment rather than coconut oil, please let 889 Concierge know this preference when booking or indicate this in your booking notes when making an online booking.


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