Essential Therapeutic Facial   

This facial is a transformative experience as it is entirely designed for you and your skin’s specific science. REN Clean Skincare, created in the UK, is our ‘chosen one’ for your skin in this facial as it is designed to help the skin achieve its perfect balance leaving your skin feeling plump and refreshed. REN is gorgeously divine to use, it contains 100% natural active ingredients and is free from skin-unfriendly ingredients and chemicals. Mindful of your skin, we use this extensive line – everything from sensitive, to blemish-prone, to aging to night treatments – and custom tailor your facial. Experience the difference. 60 minutes, $100 ($90 for Members)

 ’O2 Boost’

Add a boost of pure Oxygen to your facial! It’s the ultimate skin boost: natural, of course! Our refreshing cell-boosting, anti-aging oxygen treatment is brimming with skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It feeds the skin combating aging, environmental stressors, while boosts the growth of new and healthy cells. $35, done within your facial ($31.50 for Members)

Oxygen Express Facial

An Oxygen Facial in 30 minutes! Give your skin a quick boost with this oxygen facial designed to replenish tired urban skin exposed to air and lifestyle pollutants, and UV damage. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated and pure oxygen coupled with specialized anti-aging serums are delivered to the skin, assisting in cellular metabolism and warding off the effects of free radicals and environmental toxins. The face and eye area are left UV protected and moisturized. A replenishing mini facial that will get your skin glowing before an event, after a long flight, or for a mid-week lift!  30 minutes, $85 ($76.50)

Mom-to-be Facial   

This gentle, soothing and clarifying facial was specifically designed to treat and relax expecting mothers. With quality, natural (chemical free!) products that are pregnancy safe, the skin is gently cleansed and decongested. Sensitivity is soothed with calming masks all the while tired feet, head, neck and shoulders are given a well deserved de-stressing massage. This facial is the ultimate in serenity and rejuvenation! 60 minutes, $100 ($90 for 889 Members)

‘Back Love’ Facial

A cleansing and purifying treatment for your back. 60 minutes, $105 ($94.50 for 889 Members)