889 Yoga’s mission is to inspire happy, healthy lives. This philosophy remains unaltered since we opened our doors in 2007. We are a Yoga and Wellness Spa company based in Toronto, Canada. Today 889 lives in two places: 889 Yoga on Yonge Street and 889 Yoga at The Thompson Hotel Toronto.

889 Yoga on Yonge Street is our flagship location built in an old Victorian home. This stunning location boasts three beautiful yoga studios, world-class Wellness Practitioners and Spa Therapists, as well as a Lifestyle & Health Boutique. At 889 Yoga on Yonge Street the vibe is ‘bohemian luxury with a holistic twist’ and is loved for its warm community feel. It has been mindfully designed made up of refreshing modern elements of eco design invoking a sense of tranquility. It is calm ,feng-shui and filled with an abundance of sunlight and positive energy. We are proudly free of toxins, external distraction and judgment.

Be part of our flourishing community and be connected to like-minded guests and members who enjoy 889 Yoga’s offerings and inspiration.

Our purpose is to support you in feeling grounded, happy, invigorated and welcome.

We invite you to come by our Tea Garden upstairs, sip a cup of our Ayurvedic tea and enjoy the present moment, letting the world slow down.

At 889 you will surely be greeted by a friendly smile, and we will welcome you back again and again.

With love,
The 889 Family


889 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M4W 2H2

p. 416 925 7206
f. 416 925 7266