We would like to introduce ourselves – we are Christine and Emily Russell, sisters, best friends and business partners. Our mission is to inspire happy, healthy lives and to make that an accessible and enjoyable possibility for absolutely everyone. The 889 vision and philosophy was created from our belief that today’s world, as dynamic and stimulating as it is, has an incredible external focus. People are less and less connected to themselves, to their community, and to our natural environment.

Our intention is to bring positivity, joy, reduced stress and overall physical and emotional wellbeing to our community each and every day.This is the foundation upon which the 889 experience was built. We have now been inspiring happy, healthy lives in our Rosedale community for over three years and continue to grow and thrive, and bring calm and joy to people in our bustling city.

Our Guests and Members are the foundation of our fun and flourishing community. Our Wellness Team consisting of yoga instructors, wellness practitioners and therapists support and guide each of our Guests. There are no prerequisites for becoming part of our community; we welcome everyone because we believe that everyone deserves a deeply caring access point to live the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. And we believe in meeting you at your own personal level – on your wellness journey – with a customized approach to our world-class wellness offerings. With a commitment to excellence, and a focus on service to our Guests above all else, we consistently and passionately inspire and empower our community.

Our late 1800’s Victorian ‘home’ has been mindfully designed with the intention of preserving its historic heritage and integrating this with more modern elements of eco and calm-inspired lifestyle design. We are proud to be a happy, toxin-free space. We invite you to experience all that 889 has to offer to you, on your journey to health and happiness.

Healthy blessings,
Christine & Emily

To connect with us directly please email us at
christine@889yonge.com, and emily@889yonge.com.


Christine Russell and Emily Ridout owners of 889 Yonge