Our planet doesn’t come with a spare.

889 Yonge is an empowered community that operates consciously and mindfully of our planet. Our space has been sighted, designed, constructed, furnished and operated with the highest intention of preserving our environment and using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Our mission is to make as little environmental impact as possible and to educate our guests on eco-friendly choices they can make. Our intention is to instill enviro responsibilty and inspire our guests to be more conscious of their footprint on the planet.

Our guests have a fresh, clean experience in our space, free of chemicals, toxins, off-gassing and materials which make a rough impact on their health and on the environment.

For people and businesses it’s more than just paying lip service to the ‘green’ movement. We believe it’s about being actively committed to environmental consciousness for our present and future generations. At 889 Yonge sustainability and environmental leadership are given priority.